About Me

Who // Lidia Kamleh

What // An honest expat blog about life, style, kids and motherhood in Dubai

Where // Dubai, United Arab Emirates

When // As of 2015 my blog became a reality

Why // Passion




Nowadays I live in the Sandpit (Dubai) and my life is insanely messy, exhausting and a little manic but it is also filled with so many wonderful, amazing adventures.

Sand in my Heels is an expat mummy (mommy) blog and a curation of “lust-haves”; kids trends; mums (+ their babies + their tips); home inspiration; the highs and the lows of it all; party planning (because I am a Pinterest junkie) and a bunch of parenting info – all mixed with (hopefully) inspiring and uplifting images.

It is filled with the good stuff, the bad stuff and, most of the time, unique stuff.

I will scour Dubai and the UAE (and let’s be honest the world, thanks to the internet) for as many hidden gems, unique places, gifts and goodies as I possibly can find – Dubai and the UAE are both full of this stuff!

I blog for myself, I blog for my little terror + little angel and I blog to meet like- minded people like you. In my spare time (between working full time and being a mum there really isn’t much) I’m a self-taught graphic designer, amateur photographer, crafter, traveler and eater.

Sometimes this space may be a little quiet but you can always find us over on

Instagram at  @sandinmyheels or on  Facebook at www.facebook.com/sandinmyheels